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Business Benefits

With Phoenix Energy You Can:

  1. Reduce your power bill
  2. Have the power company pay you for excess generation
  3. Receive government tax credits and incentives for renewable energy production
  4. Reduce disposal costs

features and benefits of Phoenix Energy biomass generator

Low maintenance and operation cost

Depending on operating hours, change filters roughly once a week (15 min), change biochar separation grate once a month (30 min), top end rebuild once per year (8 hours).

Small physical dimensions

While individual setups may vary, the complete installation of a PHX-1000 requires approximately 3/4 – 1 acre.

Keeps you always up and running

Grid parallel operation – pull power from either source seamlessly. The hurricane is over in two days but the power is out for two weeks? Not with a PHX-1000! If you have biomass waste, you have power.

Quick payback

Our global sourcing ensures best of class price and performance. Depending on renewable energy incentives in your area and your particular power needs, payback in 4 to 5 years.

Improve the “green credentials” of your business by helping to:

  • > Combat greenhouse gas emissions
  • > Combat pollution
  • > Improve energy security

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