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Biochar from Phoenix Energy

Maximizing Your Green Potential

Not only does Phoenix Energy cleanly produce energy, its bi-product is biochar, a product that is 82% Carbon with over 12,000 BTUs per pound.

What is Biochar?

Biochar is another name for activated charcoal used for agricultural purposes and a bi-product of Phoenix Energy’s biomass power plants. It is a valuable resource in the fight against global warming. Phoenix Energy and its partners sell biochar to entities interested in reducing their carbon footprint and maximizing their agricultural productivity.

Biochar is used to increase soil fertility, improve water quality, reduce soil emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce leaching of nutrients in the soil, and reduce soil acidity. Biochar is being investigated as an approach to carbon sequestration in the production of negative carbon dioxide emissions.

Biochar and Phoenix Energy’s Powerplants

Phoenix Energy’s biomass-fueled powerplants produce biochar as a bi-product of the gassification process. Phoenix Energy’s powerplant partners benefit both from the clean energy being locally produced by the plant and from the sale and use of the biochar generated onsite. Biochar is another substantial benefit of working with Phoenix Energy, both for the environment and for the bottom line.

Buy biochar from Phoenix energy

Purchasing Biochar From Phoenix Energy

Biochar Phoenix Energy for SaleCompanies interested in purchasing biochar from Phoenix Energy should contact our office directly at 415.286.7822 or info@phoenixenergy.net. We sell biochar by the bag, truckload, or by the ton, and it is sourced from our plant in Merced, California.

The biochar we produce currently is made from wood chips, making it highly stable. It is created at very high temperatures (over 700 degrees Celsius) making it very porous and absorptive. Phoenix Energy can also produce biochar from other types of biomass (agricultural waste, almond shells, etc.) giving the activated charcoal different properties. For more information on the specific properties of the products we produce, please contact our office or complete the form below.

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