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About Us

Phoenix Energy is a private label power company that builds, owns and operates on-site biomass gasification plants in partnership with businesses in the Agricultural, Waste, and Forestry industries.Phoenix Energy helps its partners become their own energy provider, selling energy at retail rates. Where possible we co-locate with available fuel. This allows partners to choose our systems for their high returns on investment, not mere green washing.Phoenix Energy is first and foremost a distributed generation (“DG”) power company that sells KW over iron. We combine proven technologies to provide ourselves, our partners, and our customers with profitable on-site power.We are technology agnostic but believe that strong, long term partnerships with key suppliers will create the most value.We take our plants to the fuel and the load, not the other way around. We make more money selling energy (heat and electrity) on-site than by selling electricity to a utility at wholesale rates. Biochar, a biproduct of the gassification process, increases returns to our partners and clients.

Phoenix Energy’s approach to green power production requires just 0.5acres per megawatt — a fraction of land of wind or solar requires. Furthermore, the small footprint of a Phoenix Energy plant helps avoid NIMBY/BANANA issues and speeds the permitting process.

We use largely off-the-shelf equipment such as GE Jenbacher, CAT or Cummins engines, Allen Bradley, Siemens, etc. This ensures that our equipment is reliable, replaceable, and easily fixed.

Phoenix and its joint venture partners create long-term power purchase agreements with local utilities and the on-site operating business. This creates sustainable and profitable businesses that are good for the environment and good for business.

Phoenix Energy Activated Charcoal and Biomass Powerplants
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